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Deck Washing For Beautifully Maintained Christianburg Homes

Deck cleaning

Deck cleaning in Christiansburg is one of our specialties at Goliath Softwash, LLC. Our service is available for any sized deck! Having been in business for over 3 years, we know what we are doing!

This makes us the perfect choice for any and all jobs you may have pressure washing for Christiansburg!

We take our time with each and every job and do it right the first time! Whether you need patio cleaning for a big party or just regular maintenance pressure washing on your deck, we are the right choice for your job!

Deck washing can be rather tricky, so trust the professionals! We have been doing deck washing for over 3 years!

Deck washing in Christiansburg is rather difficult with snow and ice causing wear and tear on the wood or composite, but we know our stuff!

We are ready for any job you have to offer! Call us today at 540-391-0380 to schedule one of us to come out to your home!

Wood & Composite Deck Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning wood and composite, it can prove to be quite a challenge. Sealant is crucial for keeping your decking waterproof, so make sure you take the time to maintain it. It is possible for people to damage the surface of the deck through improper cleaning methods. Fortunately, that is not something we do!

You can count on us for all your home projects around the house, as we know what we're doing.

Why Should I Have My Deck Cleaned?

As a homeowner, you should also pay attention to the appearance of your deck. Why sit in an area that does not look nice?

You may have a slippery mess on your deck from algae, and your family is at risk! Pressure washing can help get rid of algae build-up on your deck and stop it from getting slippery!

As a homeowner, you should also pay attention to the appearance of your deck. not just for the overall look of your decking but for the integrity and lifespan of the material. The build-up of algae and dirt can erode the deck over time; this cuts down on the life of your deck significantly.

Will Pressure Washing Damage Wood Decking?

Incorrectly performing pressure washing can cause damage to wood decking. Therefore, we discourage homeowners from pressure washing their decks themselves in order to prevent any further damage to their deck. If you pressure wash your deck incorrectly, it can lead to much faster eroding.

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